Public RNA-seq Allele-Specific Expression (ASE) browser

We have performed Allele Specific Expression (ASE) mapping on 1,262 human public RNA-seq samples (manuscript preprint). We have identified 71,214 genetic variants showing significant (FDR ≤ 0.05) ASE. These variants can be queried using this website.

We have also made the other results and datasets from our manuscript available.

ASE browsers

Click here to browse all significant ASE effects or use the search box below. Note: all positions are build 37 coordinates

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eQTL results

Data for the 4,978 samples used for expression clustering

Data for the 1,262 unique samples used for ASE and eQTL analyses

The genotype data is available upon request, please e-mail  patrick  deelen  at  gmail dot com or dasha  zhernakova  at  gmail dot com