reGenotyper: detecting mislabeled samples in genetic data

reGenotyper is an R programming language package to detect (and possibly correct) sample mix-ups in genetic data. Our approach makes us of highly parallel nature of molecular data to discover sample mix-ups that may seriously affect genetic studies. reGenotyper will guide user on which samples should be discarded and, if possible, help in establishing true label for mislabeled samples.

Starting with reGenotyper

  1. Download and install the R environment
  2. Install the reGenotyper package following our Installation guide
  3. Read the help file for the package to get information on how to use the package and see example uses.
  4. The help file is available in R after typing into console:

This software is available under the terms of GNU GPL, version 3.

Authors and maintainers

reGenotyper was written and is maintained by Yang Li ([at] and Konrad Zych (k.zych[at]


Citation information will be added once the manuscript is published.